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Background information and pictures of our group's executive members.

  President & Conductor Selection Committee

      Bob G. Dayley

          E-mail : bob@magicphilharmonic.org

  1st Vice President & Contract Committee

      Carol Badger

          E-mail : carol@magicphilharmonic.org

  2nd Vice President & Asst. Physical Plant

      Loren McPherson

          E-mail : loren@magicphilharmonic.org


      Susan Neibaur

          E-mail : susan@magicphilharmonic.org

  Treasurer & Finance Committee

      Carla Carson

          E-mail : carla@magicphilharmonic.org

  Concert Master & Youth Committee

      Jolene Hobson

          E-mail : jolene@magicphilharmonic.org

Board Members At Large:

Committees Within Our Organization:

Carol Badger KFAC Advisory Board Representative
Jo Dayley Librarian and Music Committee Chairperson
Heather Davis Symphony League Advisor
Bob Dean Public Affairs
Wayne Hurst Grant writing, Orientation & Programs
George Jensen Physical Plant
Colleen McCall Decorating
LeeAnn Turner Hospitality
Dennis Byington Attorney




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